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Louisiana Drivers 13th Worst In The Nation

By July 16, 2019March 21st, 2024No Comments

Residents in Louisiana have a lot to be proud of when it comes to the quality of life in their state. People in the south are known for their hospitality and love of family and friends. Unfortunately, it also seems that people in this part of the country are becoming known for their negligent or unsafe driving habits. provided an overview of the results from a SmartAsset study that evaluated a variety of statistics to rank each state in a list titled, “The States With the Worst Drivers“. This is definitely one list in which receiving a high ranking is not a positive thing. Louisiana was given a ranking of 13. Other states in the south came in at even higher, or worse, rankings. Mississippi and Alabama took the top two spots, respectively. Florida and Texas shared the number four spot with Nevada. Tennessee was ranked eighth and Arkansas tied with South Carolina at number 11.

Factors that contributed to the rankings included online search volumes for terms like “traffic ticket” or “speeding ticket”, drunk driving arrests, vehicular fatalities and rate of insured drivers.

In Louisiana, 87% of drivers were found to be insured compared to only 76% in Mississippi. There were 1.54 automobile accident deaths per 100 million miles travelled in Louisiana compared to 1.69 deaths in Mississippi. Drunk driving arrests numbered 1.79 out of every 1,000 drivers in Louisiana but were 3.72 out of every 1,000 drivers in Mississippi. This study highlights the risks people face on the road, making it important for them to seek help and take action when involved in an accident caused by a reckless driver.

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