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Baton Rouge Teen Driver Accident Attorney

Teen drivers may be thrilled to hit the road, but their newfound freedom comes with a high risk of car accidents. 

Teenagers are more likely to crash their cars than older drivers, especially during their first year of driving. The consequences can be very serious for both victims who have injuries or property damage, and the teen behind the wheel, who may face stiff legal penalties and even lawsuits.

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If your teen was the negligent party in a wreck, you need an experienced attorney who specializes in representing teen drivers. A skilled attorney who knows Louisiana’s teen driving laws can help you protect your assets and navigate the sometimes overwhelming legal processes resulting from a teen driving accident. 

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Teenage Driving Accidents in Baton Rouge

In general, teen drivers are less skilled than older drivers because they have less experience. 

Those two factors increase their chances of crashing. 

However, teenagers also tend to behave in ways that can raise their risk of having an accident. Researchers have found that young drivers take bigger risks and fewer precautions that not only increase the chances of a wreck, but also make it more likely that the wrecks they get in will cause serious injuries and significant property damage.

The team at Pierce & Shows understands that each teen’s case is unique, but they often have some of the following factors in common:

  • Driving with teen passengers — Louisiana bans teen drivers from having teen passengers until they gain experience, but young people don’t always follow the rules. Crash risk goes up when teenagers drive with their friends in tow.
  • Driving under the influence — Teens drive after consuming drugs or alcohol more often than older drivers, and this increases both the likelihood and severity of their car accidents.
  • Driving after dark — Night time driving is more dangerous for everyone, but this is especially true for teenagers.
  • Distracted driving — Teens may give in to the temptation to look at their phones, put on makeup, or do other things that take their attention away from the road.
  • Not wearing seatbelts — Teens wear their seatbelts less often, inviting a great possibility of serious injury, death, and legal consequences.
  • Reckless driving — Many studies show that teens do not have the judgment and maturity that older drivers have, so they may take unnecessary chances.

Louisiana driving laws

Louisiana has special laws that are designed to help teenagers drive more safely. These laws include a graduated licensing program, which grants teens more driving privileges as they get older and gain more experience.

Teens first get a learner’s permit, and must complete classroom training and behind-the-wheel training with qualified instructors. Then, they should log hours of practice time under the supervision of their parents or other licensed, qualified adults. 

Teens are eligible for a conditional license at the age of sixteen, but they may only drive with certain restrictions, including:

  • Who may ride with them
  • Limited ability to drive at night

Finally, at seventeen, teens who have met all the requirements and demonstrated their ability to drive responsibly can get a full, unlimited drivers license.

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In Louisiana, all but the most minor “fender benders” must be reported to the police. If your teen has violated state driving laws they may receive a citation or even criminal charges for more serious violations. If they have caused injuries or property damage, the other party has the right to sue them personally for damages. 

Pierce & Shows attorneys have the know-how to help you and your teen navigate this stressful process. They will work to ensure the best-possible outcome for your and your family. 

Don’t wait — if you are facing legal and financial consequences for a teen driving accident, contact Pierce & Shows today.

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