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Eight Things You Need To Do When You Have Been In A Car Accident

  1. If it can be done safely, take pictures of the cars involved before they have been moved, and of the intersection or accident scene.
  2. Call the police and make an accident report. If you don’t have the phone number for the local police having jurisdiction, call 911. Do this even if the other driver admits it was his fault and promises his insurance company will take care of everything. Do this even if the accident happens on private property (in a parking lot).
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Mission Statement

It is the goal of Pierce & Shows to deliver to its clients dispute resolution services unequaled in the legal profession. While the firm recognizes and applauds the free market as a fundamental aspect of our social and economic systems, Pierce & Shows is committed to aggressive, respectful representation of those clients who have been harmed by excesses and inequities in the marketplace, whether in business-to-business or traditional consumer settings. Our focus will continue to be on fair and efficient resolution of disputes. We seek to operate with the highest of ethical standards, and to be innovative in crafting outcomes favorable to our valued clients. We expect our client relationships to be long-term, built upon thorough, accurate communication and a high degree of trust. Within the firm, attorneys and staff members will operate as a team, and each member shall recognize the ultimate goal of advancing the client's interests at every opportunity.

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