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What to do after a hit and run accident in Baton Rouge

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While any vehicle accident is destructive and distressing, hit and run accidents present their own unique challenges. These types of accidents have been on the rise in the last decade with drivers in Louisiana facing a high risk for hit and run crashes. In fact, Louisiana ranks second for most hit and run fatalities per capita.

Knowing how to respond to a hit and run accident can help mitigate the stress associated with filing claims and police reports. Our Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys at Pierce & Shows offer some helpful tips on what to do in the event of a hit and run.

Hit and Run Accidents in Baton Rouge

A car crash is bad enough, but when the driver flees the scene, it creates even more stress and concern.

Fortunately, catching hit and run drivers is easier than ever before. The abundance of traffic cameras and business security cameras can help identify vehicles that flee the scenes of accidents.

Since Louisianans are at a higher risk for hit and run crashes, we strongly encourage drivers to have collision coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. These types of coverage can help pay for damages and injuries caused by a driver who flees an accident.

What to Do After a Hit and Run in Baton Rouge

If you have been injured by a hit and run driver, the following steps can help your case:

  • If possible, try to take a picture of the other vehicle. This photo can be used to help identify the hit and run driver.
  • Write down a vehicle description and its license plate number if you cannot take a picture. The more information, such as make and model of the car, the better.
  • Look for witnesses. People who witnessed the accident can corroborate what you saw and even supply information you might not know. Ask for their contact information and write it down or save it in your mobile phone.
  • Call the police or 911 if you’re badly injured. The police will need to take a report of the accident to open an investigation to locate the driver who fled the scene.
  • Call your auto insurance carrier as soon as possible to open a claim. Be sure to inform your agent that the driver who hit you left before you could exchange information. Supply any helpful information, including the contact information of witnesses, to help speed up the investigation process.
  • Hire a personal injury attorney to represent your well-being and interests. Look for attorneys who have extensive experience with auto accidents and insurance companies.

How a Personal Injury Attorney in Baton Rouge Can Help

Although you may have a great relationship with your insurance agent, your insurance carrier might put up a fight when it comes to your accident’s settlement. Fighting an insurance company for the compensation you deserve can be just as stressful as the accident itself.

Your insurance company’s bottom line will always take priority over your well-being. That’s where our team comes in. We will negotiate with your insurer on your behalf so you can focus on your recovery. We will also perform our own investigation to help identify and locate the driver who hit you.

Contact Pierce & Shows Baton Rouge Accident Lawyers Today

If you’ve been injured in a hit and run accident in Louisiana, contact Pierce & Shows car accident lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

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