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Motor Vehicle Accident

Louisiana Crash Injures Officers Participating In Motorcade

By June 12, 2019April 11th, 2024No Comments

When a president ventures outside the White House, an extensive motorcade comprising 40 to 50 vehicles usually goes along. Some of these are armored vehicles for which the Secret Service is responsible. Other vehicles belong to local law enforcement, officers of which usually head up the procession for purposes of traffic control. When the current president of the United States made a recent visit to Louisiana, a motorcade escorted him to an export facility for a tour from the airport where he arrived.

While en route from the airport to the other venue, however, there was an accident in which four police officers involved in the motorcade crashed. The president’s vehicle and most of the rest of the motorcade traveled on unimpeded, but the rest of the motorcycle escort stopped to deal with the situation. Some of those who stopped rejoined the motorcade later on.

Of the four officers who crashed, three sustained minor injuries and traveled via transport to the hospital for treatment. The White House press secretary reports that all three are in stable condition. Details as to the cause of the crash are not available.

Each of the three injured represent a different department: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, Sulfur Police Department and Westlake Police Department. The collision goes to show that no one, not even law enforcement officers, is immune to accidents when operating a motor vehicle. Members of the public who become hurt as a result have the right to seek legal representation from an attorney in the interest of recovering monetary damages.

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