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Can I Still File a Car Accident Claim in Denham Springs if the Police Report Says I’m at Fault?

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Car accidents can change your life dramatically. These accidents are not just scary – they can also cause physical and emotional damage. 

What’s worse is finding out that the police report of the accident claimed you were at fault. 

So what do you do now? Do you contest the police report? Can you still file an insurance claim?

Our attorneys at Pierce & Shows in Denham Springs, Louisiana have in-depth experience helping clients after car accidents. In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can contest a police report that says you are at fault.

Car Accident Fault in Louisiana

Louisiana is an at-fault state, which means the driver who causes an accident uses their insurance to pay for the other driver’s bills from the collision. 

If more than one driver is at fault, their insurance companies will decide the responsibility percentage. 

  • For example, one driver could be 30% at fault, while another driver is 60% at fault, and a third is at 10% fault. That will be the percentage their insurance companies will pay. If the companies don’t agree, the claim will go to informal inter-company arbitration. Luckily, you have the right to go to court if you believe your interests are not being adequately protected. 

Being at fault also means the other drivers can sue you for damages.

What if the Police Report Lists Me as At-fault in Denham Springs?

Unfortunately, urgency after the scene of an accident sometimes leads to faulty police reports. 

Contesting the police report and voicing your disagreement will result in a further investigation that could lead to revised findings. At the very least, it begins to create a record of your disagreement that can be beneficial down the line. 

So don’t fear: if the police report incorrectly finds you at fault, there are a few ways to contest it.

These pieces can help your case:

  • Evidence that contradicts the police report and is convincing enough to make the police report seem incorrect.
  • Witness statements that outweigh the police report as evidence.
  • Knowledge that you are partially at-fault but not fully

Note: It’s best to have the assistance of a Denham Springs attorney with experience in car accident cases as soon as possible in order to start contesting the police report.

What About the Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies want to gain profit, so they will do just about anything to get you to sign paperwork to close a case. 

And if you are disputing liability in a Denham Springs-area crash report, your insurance company may make things extra difficult. 

It’s in your best interest to retain an experienced car accident lawyer to help you deal with insurance companies so that they won’t be able to bully you into giving in.

How Else Can a Denham Springs Car Accident Lawyer Help?

A car accident lawyer can also help you with the following:

  • Understanding all the jargon of the insurance company
  • Making sure you get what is owed to you from the insurance company
  • Preparing all documents 
  • Notifying the insurance company of your accident promptly without admitting fault
  • Reducing your uncertainty and increasing your confidence.
  • Helping to collect and sort through evidence that refutes the police report
  • Coordinating the benefits payments and reimbursement claims from health, auto, accident, or other insurers who may have an interest in the claim

Contact a Denham Springs, Louisiana car accident attorney today

In Denham Springs, Pierce & Shows has the experience you can trust to get you through an auto accident case and the insurance tangle that often follows. Call us today at 225-388-9574 to get started on your case.

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